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Welcome to the Sheldon Family Association website
Village Church


Who we are...

The Sheldon Family Association was founded in 1939 by a group of Sheldon descendants, with the purpose of furthering interest in their heritage and preserving their family history.

The genealogical data with which the SFA began was originally collected by Reverend Henry O. Sheldon, a circuit preacher, as he rode from village to village in the 1800s. Rev. Sheldon documented five apparently unrelated Sheldon families dating back to Colonial times; MORE>

But the SFA has become much more than a surname-based genealogy society. Over the years, as descendants of these Sheldon families have met annually in various locations MORE>

In truth, we have become more of an extended family, sharing the bond of a common heritage and a common purpose.

Take a few minutes to learn more about the Sheldon Family Association, and its long history, activities and resources. And if you have a Sheldon ancestor, please request a free search MORE>

Sheldon Family Association Reunion 2014
Click here for reunion Details


Did you or any relative with a Sheldon connection serve in the military? if so please follow the link in the next paragraph

Special link for the Reunion. This link will let you input details of information about military service for any SHELDON.


Breaking News DNA News June 2014

Dr. Peter Jeffries reports that Ancestry.com will discontinue selling YDNA and mtDNA tests.  Our Sheldon DNA project is with FTDNA.  When members tested with Ancestry and wanted to join the Sheldon project, there was a cost.  Since there were some SNPs which were not in the Ancestry test, additional lab testing was required.  We recommend that Sheldon project members test with FTDNA.  

Breaking News

"Breaking news, the codes in the Sheldon Family Association have been tackled and brought to manageable progress!! A version is ready for the committee to address the points for correction. New information will bring new insights. Marvelous Marvin and Super Sue with Fabulous Frank have covered much yardage."

This is exciting because it opens possibilities of someday making parts of the data searchable by members after transition, editing  and other planned projects are completed. 



Click here for a Planning se si on update 8/29/2013
Jeanne A Jeffries President
August 2013

Slide show 2013 Oberlin Reunion

SLIDE SHOW - PAST REUNIONS (Added 6/12/2013)

Sheldon Family Association Reunion 2013

From all accounts, this was a successful Annual meeting and Reunion. Deb and Brian deserve the credit for putting together interesting talks and trips.  Alberta was able to organize the Family Line Tables in a way to give people a chance to greet cousins.  Thank you to all for your efforts.

Sheldon DNA Project

Explanation of the DNA project for non scientists

We are cooperating with the Family Tree DNA ( FTDNA) testing site to study the DNA of Sheldon descendants in order to attempt to discover common ancestors. . MORE>

Recent Events...(updated June 3, 2014)

 Jeanne and Peter Jeffries represented the Sheldon Family Association at the New England Regional Genealogical Conference held April 16, 2013

These are various display at the 2013 Reunion

Elections - New Board Member
Robert Halstead, Tipp City Ohio was elected to the SFA Board of Directors. Robert has been a member of SFA since 2011. MORE>

Marie Sheldon Hine Memorial
The sister of Marie Sheldon Hine, Clara Sheldon Gutermuth, has made a generous contribution to SFA towards the publication of the Isaac lineage book . . . MORE>

Sheldon Family Association is now on Facebook
Sue Sheldon of Shelton, Washington has set up a Facebook page for the Sheldon Family Association. Check it out and join the fun. . . MORE>


Thank you for visiting site - hope we see you at our next Reunion in 2014! The reunion will be held in Ft. Wayne, Indiana