-What is the purpose of the SFA?

The Sheldon Family Association was founded in 1939 by a group of Sheldon descendants, with the purpose of furthering interest in their heritage and preserving their family history. Today, the Sheldon Family Association (SFA) is a non-profit 501(c)(7)organization with about 200 members. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in, and to perpetuate the history of the SHELDON (and SHELDEN) family.

The SFA has become much more than a surname-based genealogy society.

  • Membership in the Sheldon Family Association is open to all persons interested in Sheldon (and spelling variations) family genealogy and history.
  • The SFA maintains of an extensive genealogical data file on all branches of the family. This information is being corrected and updated continuously, and is being preserved for posterity. Currently, efforts are underway to digitize our source documents in conjunction with the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • By means of the Sheldon Family Association Quarterly, members are informed of discoveries in Sheldon lineage research, and date and place of the annual Reunion Meeting.
  • Over the years, as descendants of these Sheldon families have met annually Reunion Meetings in various locations, we have become more of an extended family, sharing the bond of a common heritage and a common purpose.
  • The Sheldon Family Association has an on-going DNA Project to try to discover a link between the five early Sheldon progenitors and to try to determine their English ancestry.
  • The President’s Tidbits, a monthly email, share SFA news, research suggestions, and even some trivia.
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The genealogical data with which the SFA began was originally collected by Reverend Henry O. Sheldon, a circuit preacher, as he rode from village to village in the 1800s. Rev. Sheldon documented five apparently unrelated Sheldon progenitors dating back to Colonial times.

  1. Godfrey Sheldon ca.1599-1671 of Bakewell Parish, Derbyshire, England, and Saco and Scarborough, Maine; married Alice Frost. Related families: Alger, Frost, Goodale, Giles, and Scarlett.
  2. Isaac Sheldon ca.1629-1708 of Ashford, Derbyshire, England, Windsor, Connecticut, and Northampton, Massachusetts; married (1st) Mary Woodford, (2nd) Mrs. Mehitable Gunn.
  3. John Sheldon ca.1630-1708 of England and Providence and Pawtuxet, Rhode Island; married Joanna Vincent.
  4. John Sheldon ca.1628-ca.1679 of South Kingstowne, Rhode Island; married Sarah ______.
  5. Richard Sheldon — Very little is known of Richard. The Sheldon Magazine shows Richard as the sixth child of John Sheldon of Providence, but this has proven to be untrue.

The SFA also has a file of “Unconnected Sheldon Lines” and a database is underway for these Sheldons (Sheldens) and their descendants. Sheldon progenitors are not known to be closely related. However, a DNA project is underway and English Sheldons are conducting research, so someday we may find a connection!

Please look at all the SFA offerings on our website. We would like to hear from you and to welcome you as a member!