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The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) encourages research and the collection of data that may contribute to the greater understanding of the extended SHELDON family. After careful consideration of such works, SFA may choose to publish selected materials and to make them available to its members. However, it is not possible for SFA to verify the accuracy of the content or opinion, the reader should understand that SFA in no way implies blanket verification and certification of these publications.

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New Numbering System for Sheldon Publications

A new numbering system has been developed for our SFA publications. The new system provides additional information on the content of the publications. The new numbering system begins with an alpha letter for the name of one of the 4 original Sheldon progenitors. (There are no publications available on Richard because so little is known about him.) The alpha designations are: I = Isaac; G = Godfrey; J8 = John 8, J13 = John 13 and SFA is a designation for a publication of general interest to all SFA members. Then follows a hyphen (-) and a three digit number. Two sequences of number are used: 100 and 200.The 100 series indicates publications about the actual Sheldon progenitor. The 200 series indicates publications about a relative or descendant of the progenitor. Thus, the designation “I-101”, titled S5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, CT is, surprisingly, about S5 Isaac Sheldon. The publication designated “SFA- 201” is titled Sheldon Places, Rose Sheldon Newton’s paper about Sheldon people and places in the United States. The new system gives additional information on the main subject of the publication and whether or not it is specifically about a founding Sheldon or his relatives.



Application for Sheldon Family Association Memorial Plaque Recognition for Meritorious Service and/or Special Recognition…$0.00 

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Do you have someone in your family that you feel should be enshrined into the history of the Sheldon Family Association?

A few years ago, a family member thought that the amount of effort put forth by a relative (Marie Sheldon Hine) significantly moved forward the purpose and efforts of the Sheldon Family Association (SFA). Marie hosted two very successful Sheldon Reunions in Bennington, Vermont, a task that is a major effort given the rich and overwhelming family history in the area.

The family took it upon themselves to create a memorial plaque and upon it inscribed Marie’s name. They then contributed the plaque to the SFA with the intention of having the SFA display the plaque at its Annual Reunions and to have either the Board of Directors or other members to place additional names to the plaque to make a sort of Hall of Fame list.

The focus of the memorial is to recognize the efforts of an individual who has advanced the cause and history of the Sheldon name either by their research work or a lifetime achievement. The individual you want to memorialize can be a worthy deceased Sheldon or Sheldon relative such as a spouse, cousin or immediate in-law.

Like other memorials such as putting a stone with a name on a walkway, a plaque with a name on a park bench or a name on a wall, SFA is asking families to nominate their individual by submitting a completed application along with a gift to help underwrite the costs. The SFA Board has the responsibility to review the application for all the proper criteria and when approved will add the name to the plaque, as well as, putting the information about the honoree on the SFA website. Gifts are not tax-deductible.