Membership in the Sheldon Family Association is open to all persons interested in Sheldon (and spelling variations) family genealogy and history.

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Classes of Members

The members of the Association are divided into two classes:

Annual – persons who pay dues annually.

The annual dues for regular memberships are $20.00, payable on or before August 1st each year.

Membership dues: $20.00
If you choose to take advantage of a $20 savings, you can pay $80  for a five-year membership payable on or before August 1st.


Life – persons who pay a single Life payment of $300.

The dues for a lifetime membership shall be a one-time payment equal to fifteen (15) times the dues currently in effect for regular membership. (This is currently $300.00.)

If paying by check, make check payable to SFA and send it to our treasurer.

Mail check to:
Sheldon Family Association
13009 S. Parker Road #317

Parker, CO



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