On December 16th, 2021, Joseph Uphoff left this world for his place in the heavens. He was born on 01 Nov 1955 and was connected to the line of John (S13). Joseph joined the SFA in 2007 and began his leadership contributions in 2019. First as an appointed member of the Board of Directors and then elected this past September. In 2020, he stepped up into the role of Editor of the Sheldon Family Association Quarterly.

He was very much the man behind the scenes, very quiet with those he was not familiar with, but very amiable with those he got to know. The more I knew him and the more I talked with him, the better I liked him. He was one to always ask great question without an agenda during the Board meetings. You would not know that he an “independent” academic, a researcher and despite a disability, a public speaker. His area of expertise was broad yet focused. He studied the history and genealogy of Southeastern Asian, Chinese, and Egyptian history. In some cases, he expounded on how those cultures affected our history as well as Europe’s. He most recently wrote about Mayan connections. He was an avid coin collector with knowledge of pre-coin currencies.

His touch on the SFAQ was just beginning to come to light as his first commitment was to reconstruct the efforts abandoned by those who recently resigned the role. He was studying prior issues of SFAQs written by Rose Newton and others and was creating a vision to focus the Quarterly on making it less of a newsletter with interesting gossip to one with more educational and historical content. His definition of history challenged some but given his background his opinion was well founded. He and I were in synch on how to make SFAQ an integral part of our (c)3 charitable non-profit application.

His Celebration of Life ceremony will be private and attended by family and close friends toward the end of February. Filling his shoes will be challenging, but I hope to start the process after the first of the year. In the meantime, Elizabeth Townsend and Wende Warren are stepping in to finish the SFAQ issues Joseph was working on. Michael B Sheldon President Sheldon Family Association

Allen County Public Library (ACPL) Links to SFA scans.

In 2015 the SFA gave ACPL our SFA Index Cards and Manila Folder Document Files to preserve them for us and any other researcher.  In 2018 ACPL recieved a final set of boxes from Rose Newton's estate.  The library has been diligently scanning our records to allow us to see them.  On Sept 7th 2019 we recieved notice they had opened the link to our Card File scans and some Folder scans.  This is no small chore as they have produced over 40,000 pictures of our collected data.  Can you imagine the work and time it took to scan and file all these pictures?  There is still many more folders to scan and put online.  They are struggling with our "Sheldon Numbering" and what is written on the cards and folders.  To see what they have accomplished so far, you can go to their site of Sheldon Family Resources and use their search engine.

You can also click on the Read more... button below and see a full list of what was scanned.  You can click on the left column number and see the Card Scan or on the Folder Link to see the folder that was collected for the Named person.   

Many people believe Ellis Island gave new names to many of the immigrants coming into America.  The linked article claims otherwise.  Be sure to read the many comments after the article.  I love this kind of debate.  Do you believe your family name was changed?


On the other hand, people have changed their names for many reasons.  Read the following article to get another opinion, but be sure to read the last section about Ellis Island.


The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) database has over 125,000 people listed.  The names and relationships were  accumulated over the last 150 years starting with H.O.Sheldon in 1855.  In 1955 the SFA was refounded and started writing letters to all people named Sheldon to prove or disprove the genealogy collected 100 years earlier. They collected over 200,000 family letters discribing what people thought were their own ancestors.  There were so many people and letters the data was transfered to index cards while new family members got extension numbers off the original printed genealogy tree.  In 1985 the data was tediously transfered to a computer program from the index cards.  In 2013 the data finally was converted to a real genealogical program.

Going to the library is becoming a thing of the past!  With more books being scanned and put on the net, you can do great research from home.  I just discovered this great resource.  See if you can find your relatives by using it.  Type "Sheldon Magazine" in the Title search box and find all volumes of The Sheldon Magazine along with Extension Corrections.  WOW! ?

Genealogy Gophers - Click the link to the left and don't get dressed to go to the library.



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