The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) database has over 125,000 people listed.  The names and relationships were  accumulated over the last 150 years starting with H.O.Sheldon in 1855.  In 1955 the SFA was refounded and started writing letters to all people named Sheldon to prove or disprove the genealogy collected 100 years earlier. They collected over 200,000 family letters discribing what people thought were their own ancestors.  There were so many people and letters the data was transfered to index cards while new family members got extension numbers off the original printed genealogy tree.  In 1985 the data was tediously transfered to a computer program from the index cards.  In 2013 the data finally was converted to a real genealogical program.

In collecting names, only Sheldon descendants were noted along with spouses.  Then for completeness the spouses parents were also captured with the minimum of information.  There was no ability to search for duplicate people being entered into the data which lead to over 3000 duplicate people in the data.  While combing through the data and trying to merge duplicate people the name of Isaac King and Martha Smith came up 5 times.  They were married to each other and neither was a direct descendent in the Sheldon tree.  It turned out this couple had 5 daughters all who married into the Sheldon tree.  

More recently while reading the "Ancestry of Earl Leslie Morgan Vol 2" it shows he had 9 daughter not just the 5 who married into the Sheldon family!  Click on the link above to read for yourself.  By finding another source of data showing the 5 lovely daughters, I feel more confident the data is correct.

Marv Parsons