November 2018 updated.

Sheldon Family Association has a Facebook page.  It is listed along with other genealogy Facebook pages in a listing I found a few days ago.  I was amazed to learn there are over 32,000 facebook pages whoes focus is their families history.  It is humbling to see our site is not unique on Facebook.  You can look at them from the list attached below, along with the article.  Click on the two links below to read the article and the second is the entire list of facebook genealogy sites.

Genealogy on Facebook Article

List of Genealogy Facebook Groups and Pages

If you are searching for a relative this list might get you to the exact state and county that has the exact info you need.  Open the list above and click on a state name.  It will take you to the correct page and then look for the county or city name that you desire.



The role of Treasurer is up for election this year. I refer you to the Sheldon Family Association Bylaws to read about its responsibilities .  It is found in Section 5.6.c.  The Treasurer is also a member of the Executive Committee and the Board. In many ways it is a fun run role because you are in the middle of things.  It is not the mundane task of keeping the books, that is just a part of it..  I will say it helps to have some bookkeeping, small business experience as part of your resume.

If you have the interest you can reach out to me for answers but if you want to put your skin in the game then reach out to Wayne Nelson by sending an email to  

Director at Large

We have up to three vacant spots to be elected. Directors are members of the Board and have all the duties as described in all of Article 4. This a great place to start participating in the SFA leadership.  Directors are asked to participate in various committees.  This is a role where you can meet the leadership and co-Directors and to learn about the issues and plan the future.  It is where most of the current leadership started.

If you have the interest you can reach out to me for answers but if you want to put your skin in the game then reach out to Wayne Nelson by sending an email to  

The other vacancies are appointed by the President and ratified by the Board (not elected).

Membership Database Administrator

The Membership Database Administrator is a member of the Board and also a member of the Genealogy Committee I.e. our research group.  This person is responsible for the physical and data integrity of our entire database. It is through this person that the adding, modifying or deletion of data to the tree is made as we expand, improve and discover more about the Sheldon world.  It is the glue that helps connect us all as cousins. See Section 4.14 .c for the official description.

Sound interesting let me know. 


The Webmaster is a member of the Board and has the responsibility to keep the SFA webpage current.  The official description is in Section 4.14.a. They are the internal point of contact to upload any updates needed to be placed on the site.  Addresses, content, and Bylaws are examples.  They interface with our providers to keep the site technologically current and should work closely with our Social Media Administrator. This person also chairs the Website Committee.

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Membership Chair

The Membership Chair is not a Board position.  They are, however, a crucial part of the organization. They are often the first person of contact for any who want to know more about the Association.  As emails and calls come from the various sources, these inquiries are referred to the Membership Chair to follow up, answer questions and explain the value of SFA.  This person has to work closely with the Social Media Administrator, Membership Database Administrator, the Genealogy Committee, the Historian, and the Secretary. They have a dual role, guide people through the organization to get the answers they may have and an instructor to the organization of what is happening in the real world because a part of the assignment is to grow our membership.

Sound interesting let me know. 

To assume any of these roles you must a current member of the Association and you must keep your dues current while serving in the capacity